Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Affogato

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Affogato


Affogato is a beautifully simple Italian dessert. It means ‘drowned’. You make affogato taking a scoop or ice cream or gelato and pouring, or better yet, drowning, it with a shot of hot espresso.
Though it seems like it should be a dessert, technically it is a drink.  CONTINUE READING

Rustic Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Cake

Rustic Valentine's Day Ice Cream Cake

It’s Valentine’s Day!

How about a rustic ice cream cake?
If you are cooking for 2, bake / buy a very small cake, cut it into layers, spread your favourite ice cream between each layer of cake & serve it while the ice cream is still frozen.
This will work with a cupcake if you are cooking for 1.
A super easy twist on serving plain ice cream. 😉
Hint – save some money & make your own personalised toppers!
Have a lovely day & spread the love!

Eggnog Ice Lollies

Eggnoc Ice Lolly

Eggnog = Egg Milk Punch

In the USA and Canada Christmas is incomplete without eggnog. For those of you who have never heard of eggnog, it is a custard-like, thin, egg drink that is seasoned with the perfect combination of Christmas spices – cinnamon & nutmeg.
Eggnog is normally it is made with raw eggs and has a raw eggs taste. But in many recipes you cook the eggs making it not only much tastier but safer to consume. You can either have alcoholic eggnog or drink it alcohol-free. CONTINUE READING