My 30th in Istanbul

30th in Istanbul 2018

Istanbul awaits!

Merhaba, all…

A few weeks ago I went to Turkey for my 30th birthday. Unfortunately, my husband could only join me after a few days. The thought of traveling to a country I have never been to and a country where English is not one of their official languages, never mind spoken too often, was very daunting for me. I had some serious mixed emotions, as I am a person with serious wanderlust, but also an inexperienced traveler.

Interesting fact: Turkey, and particularly the city of Istanbul, is transcontinental. This means it is divided into two contents, namely Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus strait divides these two continents. Although Ankara is the capital of Turkey, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul is also the largest city (by population) on the European continent. CONTINUE READING