1st Month in Lagos, NigeriaPeople say that there is a big difference between healthy love and obsessive love. In this case I can confidently say that I obsessively love food and want to spend excessive time in the kitchen. Nothing unhealthy about that! Kreatery is my food baby!

My name is Renske and this is my Food Blog.

I am from Pretoria, South Africa.  I was raised in a family where you decided what you would have for lunch while you were having breakfast.

Some of my earliest and fondest memories of food were my father’s perfect omelettes on Saturdays and my mother’s tomato soup when I broke my arm.

My mom was (and still is) the perfect cook! In my eyes she was great at cooking everything – stews, cookies, soups, cheesecakes, baking breads and especially “let’s see what we have in the fridge to cook with” meals.  She has taught me so much about food and cooking.

My dad was excellent at cooking the most tender medium-rare fillet you have ever eaten, making our sandwiches for school and religiously eating his anchovy toast every day. He took pride in his knife-sharpening skills and he was our braai master. My dad taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life – great wine & friendship doesn’t need to cost a fortune. My stepdad is a loving soul that just wants to make everyone happy. He gets very expressive when eating a good meal. He is an exceptional de-boned leg of lamb roaster!

I have two sisters who love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. When we were in primary school my eldest sister would bring home chocolate flavoured milk lollies and make us what she called ‘energy drinks’ by adding an egg and some milk. My youngest sister would make us ‘survial cookies’ by mixing flour and water, rolling it out thinly, adding heaps of salt and frying it in a pan full of butter. I have two stepbrothers. They share the same love for food as their father. Is it safe to say that a passion for food runs in ones blood?

I was lucky enough to marry a fellow-foodie and a fiercely driven man. He has supported me and inspired me to achieve what I have today. It is a real bonus that he appreciates MasterChef as much as I do! 😉

In 2010 I finished my Hospitality Management degree and moved on to the events side of the corporate world. Throughout my time in events, my longing to be in the kitchen kept growing and growing. In 2015 I was able to make the big shift and start my own blog.

Kreatery is a blog that I created to inspire every Average Joe and Plain Jane to become a better cook, to have fun with food and to appreciate all ingredients. Kreatery doesn’t focus on one specific technique or one specific field of cooking, but rather on food and cooking as a whole. There is a cook in every one of us waiting to be discovered.

Oh, having said that… Let’s get cooking!