Madeira cake French toast with Crispy Bacon & Banana

Madeira Cake French Toast with Crispy Bacon and Banana

I really love bargains! My favourite part of the day to go to the grocery store is at the end of the day, an hour or two before they close. It is the golden hour to buy fresh produce of which the ‘sell by’ date is on that day. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with the products and it can still last a few days in your fridge. This golden hour means half price! CONTINUE READING

Homemade Muesli

So, spring is here and it already feels like summer! Now that we are able to walk without 3 pairs of socks and a coat, we can eat food that is not hot. Spring and summer mean healthy food and showing some skin! And for those of us who don’t believe in the saying ‘summer bodies are made in winter’, trying to get back in shape and eating healthy starts now. Continue Reading