Uncomplicated Caprese Salad

Uncomplicated Caprese Salad
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Traditional caprese salad is so well balanced it doesn’t need anything else to over-complicate its delicate flavour. Preparing salad for your Sunday chicken roast really doesn’t get easier than this. Did I mention that the taste is absolutely perfectly balanced? A simple classical to serve to your friends & family.

About the Cheese

I think the type of mozzarella makes or breaks this salad. I can truly say that once you have tasted fresh mozzarella, nothing else would ever compare! You should use soft mozzarella. For example fresh mozzarella, bocconcini, perlini or buffalo mozzarella. Please do not use processed mozzarella for this salad.

Because of the simplistic yet perfect flavours of this salad, it is necessary to use ingredients of the best quality. So please make sure the olive oil you use is the best you get your hands on.

‘Exotic Tomatoes’

For this recipe I used a beautiful variety of tomatoes – it was sold as ‘exotic tomato mix’ at a local supermarket. This packet contained Tigeralla, Rosallini, Rosa, Bella, Cherry and Samhasoano. Fully ripe, meaty tomatoes work the best because they are packed with flavour, but these are so pretty and colourful and genuinely a feast for the eyes.

Uncomplicated Caprese Salad

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