Rooibos Tea Cheesecake

Rooibos Cheesecake Slice
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#RooibosDay / #RooibosDag

So, today is National Rooibos Day in South Africa. It is the first Rooibos Day ever. After 300 years of consumption, it is about time this plant with its wonderful health benefits gets its own celebratory day!

The rooibos plant is naturally found in the Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape and is indigenously South African first used by the indigenous Khoisan people. Because Clanwilliam is so closely situated to the Cederberg Mountains, this small town will be the host of the Rooibos Day celebrations with all glory to this wonder tea!

Because of the tea’s international popularity, many tourists visit the Western Cape especially to explore the Rooibos Route. You can read more about this route here.

Rooibos tea does not contain any caffeine making it great to consume during pregnancy. It is also low in tannins, making it less bitter and more naturally sweet. Rooibos is also high in anti-oxidants that help:
• Reduce aging
• Fight cancer cells,
• Enhance the immune system

You can read more about the history of rooibos tea on the Agri Orbit website. If you would like to know more about Rooibos Day, you can follow the website here.

RedEspresso® = Rooibos Espresso

If you are a big rooibos-lover (and cheesecake lover) like I am, this recipe is especially for you! I use RedEspresso® shots in my recipe. RedEspresso® is a staple in our house and it creates extremely intense rooibos tea, perfect for Red Cappuccinos or Red Lattés.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can boil 3 teabags with a cup of water to get a very strong tea that you can use instead of the rooibos tea shots.

I cannot wait to come up with more recipes using this versatile plant that is indigenously South African. Here’s to Rooibos Tea!

Rooibos Cheesecake SliceRooibos Cheesecake SliceRooibos Cheesecake Rooibos Cheesecake

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    1. Hi Charlie. It is really good! If you love rooibos tea, you will love this. It’s great to hear people from all over the world knows what rooibos tea is. Let me know what you think of the cheesecake. xx

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