Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Sandwiches

Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Sandwiches
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Heritage Day 2017

Heritage Day is just around the corner – 24 September and I have the easiest treat to serve in celebration of this day. Let’s be honest, we, us South Africans, find Peppermint Crisp tart irresistible. It’s one of the most familiar and simple go-to desserts and it is most certainly ALWAYS a hit!

This special treat has taken the ordinary Peppermint Crisp tart to the next level, and it could not be easier to prepare.

When I was younger, each December holiday we went camping in Jongensfontein, 10km from Stilbaai in the Western Cape. There were two little grocery shops that were walking distance from our campsite and this is where we bought ice cream EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. They sold all of the basics, but we mostly went there for ice cream. I blame those December holidays for the major ice cream addiction I now have. Back then we used to love the Gold Cross condensed milk ice cream or soft serve (obviously!). My mother liked the Wafer Whizz ice cream sandwich or a Kind Cone. Today, the options for ice cream sandwiches have grown significantly. A few examples are the large Oreo cookie sandwich, the Bar One sandwich, and best of all, you still get the Wafer Whizz!

Not only can you buy ice cream sandwiches from most grocery stores, but it has become trendy to make your own. Now is your chance to show off. Serve up these delicious treats just after some lip-smacking braaivleis on Heritage Day.

I give to you Peppermint Crisp ice cream sandwiches. Thank me later!

Have a great Heritage Day & be #ProudlySouthAfrican


Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Sandwiches

Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Sandwiches

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