ecoffee cup

ecoffee cup

What’s new in my kitchen?

This will be the first blog post where I’ll be sharing with you some new tools / gadgets / appliances / gimmicks that I have stumbled upon.  No more keeping secrets! 😉 

My ecoffee cup is used at least once a week without any guilt that I am contributing to landfills. Have your attention? Here’s what I think… 

Wastage… Where do I begin?

If you have been following me for quite some time, you know that I despise wastage. I make it one of my missions finding new ways of reducing our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet. And believe me, I’m still learning every day!

Although you are only one person, or one family and it seems like an impossible tast to create change, every single person on this planet has the responsibility to take care of what is just borrowed to us- this beautiful place we call earth. 

Lately, there is a lot of hype around plastic and specifically plastic straws, and why you should be refusing it. More and more restaurants are starting to wake up and changing their behavioural patterns and rethinking the way they impact the planet. 

Some of the changes I have noticed  at various restaurants, cafes and grocery shops: 

  • Plastic straws have been replaced with paper straws, or straws in general have just been scrapped and patrons are encouraged to drink from the glass.
  • Plastic takeaway containers have been replaced with biodegradable ones.
  • Plastic bags have either been replaced with paper bags, or plastic bags are made from 100% recyclable materials. Regardless of the type of bag offered at grocery stores, customers are still encouraged to bring their own bags with them to avoid being offered a new one, be it free or at a cost.
  • Patrons are offered a drink at a discounted rate if they bring their own containers.

There are many ways to go green, but it all starts with having the right attitude. What seems like effort in the beginning will soon become second nature. 

Where did I get my first ecoffee cup?

I recently received this very thoughtful gift for my 30th from my neighbour / friend, Willemien. She and her husband are really particular about their coffee and you can trust that they have not just some great coffee in their house, but accessories too. ecoffee cups being some of them. (BTW, did I mention she is a very talented musician? Check out her page)

We have some travel mugs in our house, but this cup is unique. 

Let me tell you more about ecoffee cup.   

ecoffee cup

What makes the ecoffee cup great: 

  • The cups come in 3 sizes (250ml, 340ml, 400ml) and many patterns and colour combinations to choose from.
  • The cup is made from bamboo fibre. Bamboo grows extremely fast, which makes using bamboo immensely sustainable.
  • The lid and sleeve are both made from food-grade silicone. The lid is resealable.
  • The cup, sleeve and lid are dishwasher safe.
  • The ecoffee cup is very light, but very sturdy.
  • The cup should not stain with regular, every day use. Tannins in tea Very strong tea might stain it a little, but there’s a natural way to clean it – baking soda and lemon.
  • The lid does not give you a plastic aftertaste.

ecoffee cup

The cup can get quite hot, so be sure to hold it around the sleeve. The contents of the cup keeps its temperature quite well – definitely long enough to enjoy your coffee hot, and definitely longer than single-use coffee cups. 

There are some shocking single-use paper cup stats on the ecoffee cup website
I think the one that stood out the most for me: Each year 1 billion single-use cups end up in landfills. Say what?!
We need to try harder to reduce waste! This is a manageable step in the right direction.
#StopThe100Billion is a movement that ecoffee cup has started. Check out Instagram for more, or better yet, post a photo of your own ecoffee cup to help spread the word.

Our reusable cups have their own spots in the car. It really is no effort taking these cups with when we get coffee, cleaning it and putting it back in the car for our next caffeine fix. 

Note to self: drinking from your trendy ecoffee cup will make people stare or ask questions. This could be a perfect opportunity to educate your neighbour about the #StopThe100Billion movement.

Where can you get your first ecoffee cup?

The ecoffee cups are absolutely fabulous. Go check out their website and buy from them directly.
Choosing a favourite would be impossible and I am thankful my friend chose a cup that made her think of me. It is a brilliant gift. And only 123 days until Christmas! 

Other South African retailers that sell ecoffee cups are yuppiechef and Faithful to Nature, and some coffee shops.

You can still have your coffee and drink it, too. Just use a different cup. 😉 

ecoffee cup

ecoffee cup


DISCLAIMER: This post is is not endorsed or sponsored in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.  

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