Créme Fraîche, Onion Marmalade and Thyme Roll-up Bread Rolls

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We were recently invited to a braai. Nice people always offer to take something with and I think of myself as a nice person.

I was really lazy on Saturday and just wanted to quickly put something together for this braai. And believe me, it really does not get easier than this. You can literally check what you have in the fridge and make your own flavour combinations.

Many food bloggers make their own bread dough from scratch, but I really did not want to make my own dough, plus there is nothing wrong with store-bought dough. It is also sold at a great price! (be sure to get to the supermarket quite early as it sells out fast!)

I had crème fraîche and onion marmalade left over from a function and you know my rule – No wastage!

The bread was a real hit – I received a lot of compliments! Some guests even asked for the recipe. Well, your wish is my command!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next roll-up bread recipe – a sweet one!

Rolled Bread Dough - FB

Rolled Bread Dough with Creme Fraiche and Thyme - FB

Rolled Bread Dough with Creme Fraiche Thyme Onion Marmalade 2- FB

Rolled Up Bread Dough

Rolls in Baking Dish

Roll Up Bread baked - FB

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