My 30th in Istanbul

30th in Istanbul 2018

Istanbul awaits!

Merhaba, all…

A few weeks ago I went to Turkey for my 30th birthday. Unfortunately, my husband could only join me after a few days. The thought of traveling to a country I have never been to and a country where English is not one of their official languages, never mind spoken too often, was very daunting for me. I had some serious mixed emotions, as I am a person with serious wanderlust, but also an inexperienced traveler.

Interesting fact: Turkey, and particularly the city of Istanbul, is transcontinental. This means it is divided into two contents, namely Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus strait divides these two continents. Although Ankara is the capital of Turkey, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul is also the largest city (by population) on the European continent. CONTINUE READING

Lime & Coconut Rice Pudding

Lime & Coconut Rice Pudding

When Life Gives You Limes…

Oppositely  to South Africa, limes are widely available and inexpensive in Lagos. The perfectly yellow, conveniently available lemons that we are used to in South Africa, on the other hand, are imported and costly in Lagos. In Nigeria life does not give you lemons, but rather limes. And when life gives you limes, you incorporate it in as much dishes or drinks as you possibly can. 

I adore the scent of limes. Have you ever walked past a lime tree overflowing with lime blossoms? It really is intoxicating. Linden tea is made from these fragrant blossoms. The aroma of limes (as in lemons) lie in the skin of the fruit. And this is exactly what I used to create this familiar dessert with a twist. CONTINUE READING

Savoury Lentil Bites

Savoury Lentil Bites

I was experimenting with cooked lentils one afternoon, because I was looking for a snack that is higher in protein than a usual snack (rice cakes, for example) and one that uses minimal ingredients. I tried making a lentil wrap, but sadly that recipe is yet to be discovered. Instead, the lentil wrap ‘dough’ was a little tweaked and transformed into a wonderful flapjack ‘batter’. Now, I’m sure you can make large savoury flapjacks with this batter, but I think making these into bite-size snacks are so much better- bite-sized and shareable. CONTINUE READING